I'd like to give you some scoops

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I got up about 03.00ish to take a leak :p, my eyes rolled into bbm, whatsapp, twitter and Facebook notifications on my blackberry+iPad. When I scrolled down the trackpad, I found Oho’s message, he was the first one who wished me happy birthday :’) even if it was just simple words, but it was very touching :D After that, my mom + dad also wished me happy birthday and kissed my cheek. I felt so over the moon and really excited.

In the morning, I received so many birthday wishes from my friends, colleagues, and family :) I was sooo happy and replied them one by one :D

About 13.00 o’clock oho arrived at my house. He came to pick me up, but with empty hands :p. He kissed my forehead and said “happy birthday”. After that, we said goodbye to my mom and dad, then went to Jakarta.

Oho was like “Let’s have some birthday dinner at Warung Pasta”, then I replied “Can I asked some friends to come?”, he said “no, just two of us :)”. Okay :D

2 hours later, we wind up at Warung Pasta.. and.. some of my friends were already there :D Gyanda, Dorinda, Yudi, Risa, Angga, and Windi.. aaa.. Is this kind of a surprise or what? :’) :’) you guys had successfully given me some kicks!

The most unforgettable moment was.. Oho gave me Rainbow Cake, the cake that I’ve been craving for since… idk :p aah heaven! and it tasted soo good, creamy, and buttery :9 I really loooove it very much, every single layer..

All I can say that.. this one of the most beautiful birthday surprises, ever!

Thank you Oho, Thank you friends :D I lo ve you from head to toe,